Hunt Packages

McLean Bowman Ranch Hunt Package $3,800.00


Our current 2020 Hunt Package is a 3 day guided hunt, which allows a hunter to harvest a mature whitetail buck scoring up to 140" Boone & Crockett.  Our package hunt also provides hunters the opportunity to harvest the following additional trophies:

  • Guide's choice whitetail buck up to 115" B&C

  • Whitetail does

  • Feral hogs

  • Javelina

Hunters wishing to pursue bucks with a higher score than 140" B&C will incur additional trophy fees. Due to the scarcity of big free roaming bucks, hunters pursuing bucks with gross scores of 160" or greater will be allowed an additional day of hunting at no cost.

Rules and Policies

  • All hunts are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • A 50%, non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your hunting dates. We will hold your reservation for no longer than 14 days without a deposit. Balance is due at the end of the hunt, plus any additional trophy fees incurred.​

  • A wounded buck (blood, bone, and/or meat) is considered to be a harvested buck and will be charged accordingly. Our guides will try their best to track a wounded deer, but there are no guarantees. At the expense of the hunter, deer recovery dogs may be called into action.

  • We take the aging of bucks very seriously. Your guide will not only determine the buck's score, but also the age of the buck. All decisions made by the guide are final. 

  • Hunters are expected to pay for what they shoot. If a hunter decides to harvest a deer with a higher grossing score than what was arranged, he/she will be responsible for the additional trophy fee. 

  • Although we have high success rates, this is not a guaranteed hunt. If the hunter passes on a buck that is within the predetermined antler size he/she is hunting, and later does not find another equivalent buck, the hunter will not be eligible for a refund.

  • Safety is our top priority. A Guest Release must be signed upon arrival. ​

  • Hunters wishing to extend their hunt will be charged an additional $500.00 a day.

  • Gratuities for guides are customary, and should reflect 10-20% of the total hunt. 

  • Gratuities for cooking and game processing are customary; ranging from $50-$100 per hunter.

Hunt Inclusions

  • Meals, lodging, and guiding are included in the package. 2 on 1 guiding is traditional during our hunts. However, hunters may choose to be guided 1 on 1. An additional charge of $100.00 a day will be added for this service.

  • Game caping and quartering is included. 

  • Rifles and ammo are not included, but can be supplied with proper notice. 


  • Hunters flying into San Antonio International Airport may arrange round trip transportation for an additional fee of $300.00. 

  • We are not responsible for shipping meat, capes, or antlers. However, transportation of antlers and capes to our preferred taxidermist can be arranged for an additional fee. They have the capability to ship completed mounts. 

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